Thank You from Maj

Thank You from Maj, Our 2016 Homeowner

My experience working on the house from day one to the end is an awesome experience. Learning how a house is built from beginning to end, is something I can never forget. Sitting in my house, I have flashbacks on how the house changed from week to week and I am still shocked on the beautiful transformation.
I have never seen the kids happier than now. They have plenty of space to play outside and ride their bicycles up and down the driveway. Whenever we are traveling outside of home, they are in a hurry to go home, because they know they have the space to play.
I am very proud to be a home owner and not to have to worry about paying high rent to a landlord. The money I earn will go towards my home and I am more relaxed that I will have an affordable mortgage payment.
Working with all the volunteers, is the best thing I have ever experienced. Each and every one of them cared about  building the home. They are fun to work with and they all have their own characters. They are wonderful people that I will never forget!
Thank you!
Maj Marquez