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Home on Jewett-BEFORE
Jewett Home–Almost Complete

This home was originally started by the Habitat of Northern Fox Valley, affiliate, but with the Covid-19 restrictions it was placed on hold.

Spring of Life picked up from where they left off. We are so proud to completing this home and celebrating with another new homeowner. For more photos of this home as we worked on it, CLICK HERE.

A little thing like a pandemic isn’t going to stop Jennifer O. from reaching her goals. Her life is a guidebook about setting and meeting goals, regardless of the obstacles. Listen to Jennifer’s amazing story.

Originally from Nigeria, Jennifer graduated with a degree in physics from Benue State College. During those college years, she met her husband through her church. He later migrated to the US. and after a long application process, Jennifer joined him and they had their daughter. Unfortunately, the marriage dissolved, leaving Jennifer and her daughter homeless. With her faith in God leading her, she found her way to WINGS, a not for profit whose mission is to provide housing, integrated services, education and advocacy to end domestic violence.

Jennifer thrived at WINGS and was awarded the David K. Hill Award in 2019. This award is given annually to one outstanding WINGS graduate. Here are just a few of the reasons Jennifer received this award.

Click here to read her full story.

August 2020, Homeowner Celebration: One of the great satisfactions of working with Habitat for Humanity of Northern Fox Valley families is to see the transformative affect it creates. Habitat not only addresses the need for affordable housing, which provides new economic stability for a family, it also creates wealth. In August 2020, one of our homeowners made their last mortgage payment. They have achieved the American dream of owning their own home. This is an outstanding accomplishment!