Meet Our Amazing New Partner Homeowner Jennifer

A little thing like a pandemic isn’t going to stop Jennifer O. from reaching her goals. Her life is a guidebook about setting and meeting goals, regardless of the obstacles. Listen to Jennifer’s amazing story.

Originally from Nigeria, Jennifer graduated with a degree in physics from Benue State College. During those college years, she met her husband through her church. He later migrated to the US. and after a long application process, Jennifer joined him and they had their daughter. Unfortunately, the marriage dissolved, leaving Jennifer and her daughter homeless. With her faith in God leading her, she found her way to WINGS, a not for profit whose mission is to provide housing, integrated services, education and advocacy to end domestic violence.

Jennifer thrived at WINGS and was awarded the David K. Hill Award in 2019. This award is given annually to one outstanding WINGS graduate. Here are just a few of the reasons Jennifer received this award.

  • She tackled each goal one by one. She established her credit, bought a car, got a job, and entered the North Cook Transitional Housing (NCTH) program where for the first time she obtained an apartment in her own name.
  • She began saving aggressively, paid off all of her credit card debt, and became debt free. Her FICO score increased and she learned about starting a retirement fund.
  • With her goal of becoming a US citizen, she is in the process and hopefully will meet this goal in February of 2021. 

Next on her list is the goal of owning her own home. At the advice from a friend from church, Jennifer learned of Habitat for Humanity. With her new improved credit score and financial stability, she met all Habitat’s standards for obtaining a mortgage. She works regularly with our volunteer construction crew, learning all the tips and tricks it takes to build and maintain a home.

Jennifer currently works for Chase Card Services but, of course has big plans for her future. She has enrolled at Harper College to take pre-requisite courses in diagnostic medical sonography. This is one more step forward as she pursues her goal of a doctorate degree, on the path to a PHD in medical physics with the end goal of doing research.

“Getting a Ph.D. is her five-year plan. As if working and being a mother weren’t already a full-time job, she added course work to obtain a second degree. I can’t believe how much she accomplishes. I know with her strong faith, she can overcome and succeed at anything,” says Spring of Life volunteer Laura Johnson.

Jennifer is so grateful to Spring of Life Partnership and the many volunteers who have worked on this beautiful new home.

Thank you, Jennifer, for letting us help make this dream come true.