519 Enterprise–Our Current Home

These pictures tell quite a story about the home we’re currently working on for Maj and her children. This 100+ year old house is the most challenging project our Spring of Life Partnership has undertaken to date, but the crew is having fun and Maj and her family are just thrilled.


September 2015–Lots of work to do.


October 2015–Demolition under full swing. How many dumpsters will it take?


Our new homeowner Maj (front right) and the Spring of Life crew taking a break. Thanks to >>>>> for the fabulous KNAACK toolbox!!


January 2016–Lots of work, but the roof is gone. Hoping it doesn’t snow or rain before the get the new one on!!!


February 2016–The rafters are up!! Lots of achy muscles at the end of this day.


February 2016.  The second story walls are up. Now let’s get that roof on before the snow falls again.