About Spring of Life

Our Partnership–Providing Affordable Housing

As an arm of Habitat for Humanity of Northern Fox Valley, Spring of Life is a partnership of churches and community members in Chicago’s northwest suburbs. We are a group of volunteers–many of us members of our partner churches—and we create affordable housing for qualified families. Since 1997, we have enabled 15 families to grab their piece of the American Dream–a home of their own.

Brand New Home in Des Plaines

Summer 2017 began our 15th home–a new build at 1419 Cora Street in Des Plaines. We’re building this home from the ground up for a single mom of three. She has been working alongside our team of volunteers every week and is thrilled to be close to being a first time homeowner. Click here for  a few more photos.

Thanks to Maine East Students

Students from Maine East unloading the walls they built.



Students from Maine East High School in Park Ridge built the walls for our current home on Cora Street in Des Plaines. They worked on them at the high school and delivered them intact to the Des Plaines worksite.

These students did a great job and saved us lots of manpower.



No One Gets a Free Home

A common myth is that we give homes away. This is not the case. Habitat for Humanity of Northern Fox Valley provides interest free loans and Spring of Life provides the sweat equity. All homeowners must qualify for a mortgage by

1. Being able to make the monthly mortgage payments on the interest-free, no profit loan
2. Proving need for affordable housing
3. Committing to 500 hours of sweat equity in the construction of the home.

In August of 2016, we completed our 14th home and changed another family’s life forever. Click here to see photos of the transformation of that home.