About Spring of Life

Our Partnership–Providing Affordable Housing

As an arm of Habitat for Humanity of Northern Fox Valley, Spring of Life is a partnership of churches and community members in Chicago’s northwest suburbs. We are a group of volunteers–many of us members of our partner churches—and we create affordable housing for qualified families. Since 1997, we have enabled 16 families to grab their piece of the American Dream–a home of their own.


Homeowner Celebration: One of the great satisfactions of working with Habitat for Humanity of Northern Fox Valley families is to see the transformative affect it creates. Habitat not only addresses the need for affordable housing, which provides new economic stability for a family, it also creates wealth. In August 2020, one of our homeowners made their last mortgage payment. They have achieved the American dream of owning their own home. This is an outstanding accomplishment!

House Blessing: The Shuler home in Elgin was completed and our work officially ended with the house blessing on August 1st. This project is a great testament to all of our volunteers. The project started in the second week of December and would have been completed in record time if it were not for the Covid-19 shut down. At times we had 18-22 volunteers framing the house and erecting the roof. The new homeowner moves into the house at the beginning of September, 2020.

Next House & New Homeowner: We are already on to our next project. The next project is located on Jewett St. in Elgin. The project was originally started by the Habitat affiliate but with the Covid-19 restrictions it was placed on hold. We are picking up from where they left off. The interior has been drywalled and taped. The exterior siding is in the process of being completed.

Jennifer is the new homeowner. She has a little four year-old girl. They live in Elgin. She has been at the site painting, as you can see in this photo.

Volunteers: We have been working with a restricted number of volunteers from our “core group”. We are limited to 8-10 people on site each day. Protective masks, social distancing when possible and hand washing are required. Although awkward at a construction site, everyone has adjusted. Thankfully, no one has gotten ill. We are not inviting any other volunteers to the site until we receive further clearance. We are strictly following the state’s guidelines. 

Thanks: We have made amazing progress within the last 18 months. It is almost unimaginable that we completed Edison this time last year; completed Shuler this August; and have started our next project. It goes without saying that without all of our volunteers, we could not make this type of progress. A special shout-out to John Wise and all of the Holy Family and Spring of Life volunteers for their help. Keep our mission in your prayers. 

No One Gets a Free Home

A common myth is that we give homes away. This is not the case. Habitat for Humanity of Northern Fox Valley provides interest free loans and Spring of Life provides the sweat equity. All homeowners must qualify for a mortgage by

1. Being able to make the monthly mortgage payments on the interest-free, no profit loan
2. Proving need for affordable housing
3. Committing to 250 hours of sweat equity per adult family member on the construction of the home.

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