About Spring of Life

Our Partnership–Providing Affordable Housing

As an arm of Habitat for Humanity of Northern Fox Valley, Spring of Life is a partnership of churches and community members in Chicago’s northwest suburbs. We are a group of volunteers–many of us members of our partner churches—and we create affordable housing for qualified families. Since 1997, we have enabled 16 families to grab their piece of the American Dream–a home of their own.

Our Current Home

1015 Shuler in Elgin is new construction and with the mild weather and an amazingly dedicated group of volunteers, we’ve worked many extra days and made great progress. Take a look.

October 2019 we completed construction on this home on Edison in Elgin.



Sarah, our partner homeowner for the Edison home, worked many hours alongside our construction crew in helping make her dream of home ownership a reality.

As is our tradition, we held a house blessing for Sarah and her two sons on October 5, 2019. Over 25 volunteers joined Sarah and her family as Pastor Dave Mercer of St. Paul United Church of Christ led the group in prayer. Thanks to the many volunteers who contributed time and lunches to the effort. Congratulations to Sarah and her family.

In addition to our weekend volunteers, this Wednesday crew did an outstanding job in completing this project. A thank you lunch was held for the group in September. A special thank you to John Wise, our Construction Manager and his fabulous Wing Man Dave Gumm.

No One Gets a Free Home

A common myth is that we give homes away. This is not the case. Habitat for Humanity of Northern Fox Valley provides interest free loans and Spring of Life provides the sweat equity. All homeowners must qualify for a mortgage by

1. Being able to make the monthly mortgage payments on the interest-free, no profit loan
2. Proving need for affordable housing
3. Committing to 250 hours of sweat equity per adult family member on the construction of the home.


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